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Hrǽw is a project information & documentation engine.

77h26m (98 logs) from 2 Forst 226 to 3 Ríp 228.

Inspired by projects such as Devine Lu Linvega's Oscean and Josh Avanier's Memex, Hrǽw is a project information engine built with Flask to facilitate cataloguing of my projects.

Hrǽw means 'a living body', so each project is classified as a 'lim', or limb. The text of each lim is written with a custom parsing engine that translates tags into elements like images, code-blocks and hyperlinks.

Hrǽw also incorporates data generated by Færeld into itself, letting me insert global and lim specific Færeld data into the lim descriptions, both as graphs (like activity heat maps), textual summaries and through the use of the FÆRELD tag.

Although intended to be served as a Flask instance (currently on Heroku), Hrǽw also has the ability to be "frozen" into a static site. This allows me to also have a static version of Hrǽw in the P2P web via the Dat Protocol.

Hrǽw is intended to fulfil several functions. The first is to act as a portfolio of sorts - a consistent catalogue of my personal projects. Secondly, it is intended as a way of generating Færeld visualisations in a way that would be impractical with its CLI. Lastly, it is intended to function as a self-esteem booster, an indicator that I am spending my time on useful and interesting stuff.